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Onion-Skin Dyeing

Introductory paragraph
this space could be for video, pdf and other resources too.

Getting ready,
you need:

Yellow Onion skin I used a yogurt container filled with onion skins for this project.

Large stainless steel ( SS) pot (not used for cooking) for the fabric dye bath and another SS pot  for cooking the onion skins.

Fabric to dye Cotton or linen.. very clean.. examples.. t-shirt, tank top, light weight blouse, bandanna, napkins, etc.
I am using an organic cotton bandana that I can use for a mask.

Strainer with coffee filters

Let’s get started

1. Soak the fabric you will be dying in water, it needs to be thoroughly wetted.

2. Put onion skins in a stainless steel pot, cover with water and simmer (not boil) for :45.

3. Strain skins in a strainer with coffee filters to separate the skins from the dye liquid.

4. Put dye liquid in to SS pot large enough to hold the fabric you plan to dye and add more water.

5. Add wetted fabric and heat to simmer, holding for :45-:60 and stirring frequently.

6. Turn off heat and let cool a bit

7. Carefully remove and rinse the hot fiber in cool water.

8. Wash in gentle soap, rinse, dry and iron if needed.


The pots you use should be large enough for the material to move freely as you stir.

I choose an organic cotton bandana that I can also use as a face mask.( #7)

If you have questions email me