Judy Saye-Willis

Current Work

Silk dyed in indigo and over dye in osage 3-26-15

Silk dyed in indigo one dip and over dyed with osage wood shavings 3-26-15



Apricot wood shavings 3-28-15 Queen anns lace overdyed in indigo 9-7-14


David gave me some apricot wood shavings that I used on silk …3-28-15 and earlier I used queen anns lace over dyed with indigo 9-7-14


pomagranate 3-2-15


Dyed with Pomegranate skins and pits 3-2-15


DSC_0048queen anns lace

Two pieces dyed with queen anns lace -2014


Osage chips from a local wood turner  3-26-15

mixed dyes


5-A mixture of dye bath leftover materials from pernambuco, osage, and buckthorn 4-2-15

mix 2

Pernambuco and Fe 4-2-15


Same combination as #5 except more pernambuco 4-2-15


I make pocket squares when I am dying and over dying new materials-

These were all done in spring 2015